Devon : Painting with Light

Sea swimming + apple picking + cider drinking + fireworks + roast lunch … what else does a weekend in the countryside call for?

A bonfire, of course!


And so, as night feel in Devon – having spent the day soaking up nature & the evening at a local pub for pints & dinner – it was time to snuggle up by fire .. but before long a new plan was hatched.

Why sit by the fire inside, when we could be sitting by a fire in the woods?

And so, we (when I say we, I mean to say THEY aka the three chaps. I looked on holding a box of quality streets..) loaded a digger truck with wood + filled a can with petrol.

We all jumped aboard.


Only after I had this photo taken, although to be honest I wasn’t exactly in the driving seat for the journey.

We zoomed & bumped through the darkness – through trees + brambles (clinging on for dear life!) until we found a clearing. A perfect spot to unload our wood.

IMG_7418 And so George produced what every good man should be hiding down their top..IMG_7421

We set right to toasting work! I love how the melted marshmallows go all stringy and sticky – it was certainly my fascination with this that caused to me eat more than I could possibly say..IMG_7428 IMG_7436 IMG_7440 IMG_7442 IMG_7444 IMG_7448After tucking into toasted marshmallow, listening to Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’ from my iPhone (in that modern sophisticated manner), it was time for my treat : Quality Streets.

My favourites are the strawberry cream. They are the ones that most people don’t like and so I take it upon myself not to let anything go to waste.

Also, the red wrappers make great filters for painting with light

It’s a brilliant technique. You stand the camera on a tripod in the dark & set it to a low ISO & aperture with a long exposure.

So, I popped the exposure to 30 seconds & used a torch to quite literally ‘paint’ in air. Such an exciting technique, particularly because it’s not until the photo has been processed that you know if it worked. I used the different quality street wrappers over the torch beam as ‘filters’ to change the colour of the light.

Here are some of the results! Less / more successful, as you can see..

IMG_7462Oh, and remember to write backwards! It’s a mirror image, of course.IMG_7463 IMG_7465 IMG_7466 IMG_7467 IMG_7469 IMG_7505It also works with sparklers .. well, at least GEOrge tried.IMG_7490Our host Alex deserved a special mention.IMG_7512 IMG_7516 IMG_7517 IMG_7518 IMG_7519 IMG_7525Such a brilliant night with these mega babes!

And so finally, those neglected strawberry creams got their chance to shine.

Quite literally.




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