Devon : Fireworks + Sea Swims

There’s nothing more lovely than a weekend jaunt to the countryside.

London is brimming with activities which I find both brilliant and at times a little overwhelming and so for me, escaping the City maintains a stable balance.


A very good chum of mine recently moved from London back to his roots in Devon & so I jumped at the chance – and indeed jumped in the car for a 5 hour drive – to visit him on the weekend.

A long car journey packed with all the M&S essentials: 3 packets of Percy Pigs (and friends!), thai green curry crisps, chocolate eclairs, wraps, sandwiches, a packet of grapes and Heart music offering all the best tunes – we arrived just after midnight.

Greeted by a foogy mist, a light wind, drizzle & barely a moment to empty the car – our hosted handed us pints of cider, sparklers & whisked us off across a field to the orchard with a box of Sainsburys finest fireworks, a bucket & a good strong torch. It was the day after bonfire night & I had made a serious request to see some more bangs ..

I spent the official bonfire night at Ladbroke Square Garden’s firework party. My super duper friend Rosie Londoner took some lovely pictures which are on her blog. How hot are those boots?!

This is my only photo. Bella : colour explosion to the extreme.


IMG_7134 IMG_7145 Our box of tricks did not disappoint! With names such as Flower Pot, Stealth & Shanghai Surprise, we had a great time.

Although surprisingly, despite the creative names, they were all somewhat exactly the same. At least it was a good thing to be repeated!

I even lit a few myself, which was a first.

IMG_7148IMG_7151 IMG_7154 IMG_7177 IMG_7185 IMG_7196 IMG_7202 IMG_7212 IMG_7225

After a really fun & pretty magical night, I awoke the next day with an excited energy for more jolly activities – the sort you can only find out of the City.

For me, the highlight of such activities is swimming in the sea. I know, I may sound a little mad considering it’s November and it was a wet & windy weekend – but it is just my favourite thing ever!

We began the day with warming bowls of oat + chia seeds + almond mild porridge with apples from the orchard & honey from the bee hives..

IMG_7242 IMG_7259 IMG_7263

Popped on swimming attire & the finest footwear – and off we went!IMG_7270 IMG_7272 IMG_7278 IMG_7279 

image1-4 image2-2It was totally amazing & honestly not cold at all! A lovely temperature. I bobbed in the waves for quite some time and had to practically be forced out by the chaps who were keen to get cooking beef with all the trimmings for our well earned roast lunch.IMG_7288 IMG_7291 IMG_7293 Time to cosy up by the fire. Good books and Father Ted on TV.IMG_7302 IMG_7304

A little evening walk to watch the sun setting & enjoy natures never-ending silhouettes.

IMG_7315 IMG_7321IMG_7313 IMG_7323

The boys headed back for glasses of wine & their feet up by the fire – but I couldn’t keep away from the wonders of the outside world.

So, popped on my wooly hat & grabbed a basket & headed up to the orchard in the dark of night. It was brilliant! With the help of a torch, I filled my basket with apples fallen from the trees & enjoyed meeting slimy slugs & creepy crawlys on my way ..IMG_7338 IMG_7357 IMG_7359 IMG_7363 IMG_7375 IMG_7380

The rest of my stay was filled with more sea swimming, toasting marshmallows, delicious meals & an exciting night ‘painting with light’ – a photography technique which is brilliant and I can’t wait to show you the photos .. so stay ‘tuned’ for tales to come!

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