Bits + Bobs + Comfy Sofas

It is a known fact now that I am a complete & utter life drawing addict. I happily take my bits & bobs (drawing boards, materials & glorious nude models) anywhere & everywhere that will have me.

It is a lesser known fact that for me, even a garden shed would do.

So just IMAGINE my delight in the fact that my classes are being taken in by some really spectacular venues – that don’t present any concern of woodlice wiggling onto artists drawing boards..

One such place that has kindly welcomed in Bella’s Bits & Bobs is the members club Shoreditch House for people in the creative industries. My class pops up in the spacious but cosy Library with it’s stylish interiors & so-comfortable-I’m-never-getting-up armchairs.

I have popped a few photos from the class here mentioning the super cool art materials I’ve been using for my class & the yummy ‘bits & bobs’ we snacked on during drawing. I will write a proper post on all the Derwent materials I have been using so if you’d like some tips on that keep an eye on my blog!

If you’re a member of Soho/Shoreditch House you can come to the series of classes over the next few months so keep an eye on House Seven or email me for dates.


IMG_9274 IMG_9334 I have been using Derwent drawing materials for as long as I can remember & was thrilled to offer the class a nice range of materials for them to explore and let their creativity run free..

I usually recommend beginners use willow charcoal (it’s soft, forgiving & messy – just what it takes to be an artist!) but also suggest pencils for those keen on the finer details.

The Tinted Charcoal set are a lovely material to use for a longer pose – building up texture and colour .. IMG_1240 IMG_1242 IMG_1346 IMG_1275

My favourite kind of creative ‘mess’!!IMG_1296 IMG_1299

The first of my series of classes at Shoreditch House was kindly sponsored by the DELICIOUS brand Coconut Collaborative yoghurt pots. Oh my, they are quite frankly the best things ever AND their logo has two little naked people!

Honestly, if that’s not a bits & bobs match made in heaven, I don’t know what is..


The class began at 11am on a Saturday so the babes behind Nomi cold-brew coffee understood the need for our guests to have a little pick me up..IMG_1311

And finally, for the artists in the room who were in need of a seriously yummy sweet HEALTHY fix – we had gorgeous chocolate truffles by Raw Bon Bon… Now it’s that’s not a perfect combination of bits & bobs & boobs, I don’t know what is!!


IMG_1315 IMG_1342IMG_9339IMG_9336

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