Bits & Bobs & Collage

I love collage almost as much as I love colour.

So naturally, colourful collaging is my dream.

For a while, I wouldn’t let my flatmate or work colleagues throw away a single magazine, newspaper, flyer, pizza delivery menu, nail parlour cost sheet… (you get the gist) until I had flicked through the pages & ripped out bits & bobs that took my attention.

Funny headlines & quotes as well as pictures (often owls) & interesting photos.
I keep them categorized into brimming folders & boxes which I bring out whenever I find a collaging moment.


Making people mix tapes with collaged covers is a particular favourite. Despite the fact that CD’s seem to be so two-thousand-and-late I still do this & have a CD player in my living room.

I’ve been collaging books which I use as a diary for the last few years. The diary is my life line for keeping on top of a busy life, so having it colourful & lovely is most important to me.
As it is always with me, there is no surprise that it is full of drawings of nudes. Here a few pages from my recent diary and you can see more here from the last.

You can also have a bit of a insight into what I get up to in life, oh isn’t THAT a treat.

Front & Back covers


Memories of: a charity drawing & dinner party & drawing Vanessa…


Memories of: Sofar Sounds at the Bits & Bobs studio & Glastonbury…


Memories of: A week in Italy with 20 of my best friends & Vanessa’s beautiful gestures…


Memories of: A brilliant weekend in Devon for my friend’s birthday…


Memories of: Bits & Bobs at Myrtle’s in Clapham & Easter Sunday…


Memories of: a week of classes & a charity fundraiser in Emmanuel’s flat in a Church…


Memories of: A Contact Collective clothes swap party at Shoreditch House & yoga retreat…


Memories of: In the Heights musical & drawing Laura in her bedroom in Brighton…


Memories of: Christmas parties…


Memories of: Bella’s Bits & Bobs launch party & drawing Sophie…


Memories of: Swimming at Marshall St. Leisure Centre & yoga with Steffy White…



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