Bits + Bobs + Brixton

I tend to speak about drawing naked people wherever I go. One such spot was at The Magic Garden in Battersea.

I was there for a gig & found myself chatting to a chap who was folding paper in the most incredible way: sitting by a sign saying ‘The Origami Guy’


Hello Origami Guy, can you please make me a naked person to draw? And thus the start of a great friendship.

Fortunately Origami-Nick (as he shall always be known to me) was keen to hear my naked people chat & signed up to Bella’s Bits & Bobs. A few months later & he is now a Bella’s Bits & Bobs host at his house in Brixton.

To be a BBB host, you are simply open to me bringing my bits & bobs to your living room Рdrawing boards + drawing materials + a lovely model : a pop-up life drawing class delivered to you and your friends.

Always a formula for a very jolly evening (If you’ve got a willing living room, drop me a line

Have you noticed that I always have different coloured legs? Watch my video to find out why .. and join my journey through the living rooms on London.

Host: Origami-Nick

Model: Carla

Locations: Brixton


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