Bits + Bobs + Birthday

Birthdays are all about birthday cake, right?

It’s not like we want to remember the pain our mothers went through or dwell on the fact that our teenage years have far become a distant memory .. and so focusing on something sweet & completely in our ‘birthday’ rights to consume easily takes precedence.

I would also suggest that birthdays are about birthday cakes being made for us, however this year I decided that no one else could create what I was dreaming about for my birthday.

And so, I made it myself : The Ultimate Chocolate Owl Cake called ‘B’


It was quite frankly stunning.

And delicious, of course.

Check out my little Instagram photo of the construction process: Video The sound track of Sufjan Steven’s ‘Carrie & Lowell’ album – one of my all time favourites. If you haven’t heard it yet – pop on an apron, melt some chocolate & bake to some magical music..

And now it’s time for another Bella’s Bits & Bobs life drawing video blog! Who’s surprised to hear that my birthday party involved a beautiful nude?!

My wonderful friend Lauren modelled for us. We all absolutely loved drawing her and she joined us for the birthday meal & cake after. What a dream.

Another of my incredible chums – the talented chef Alicia Radage – whipped us up a gorgeous feast. She chopped, tossed, grated in the kitchen as we drew .. It was such a treat and every last morsel was consumed.

I am so excited that Alicia has joined my little Bits & Bobs team & is available to whip up wonderful dinners and my events so if anyone is keen for a life drawing & dinner party, please email me:

Over and OWL-t as they say.

(Ok, no one else says that)



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