Bits + Bobs + Bella’s Story

I have been having quite a marvellous time taking my bits & bobs here, there & everywhere.

But where, my friends, did this all begin?



My love of life drawing was instilled at a time of my life when I suffered with anxiety. It wasn’t outwardly obvious, but internally I was a little stress-pot.

Drawing is such a therapeutic activity for me & my recovery from the stress came through evening life drawing classes.

I found it hard to motivate myself to draw at home, always finding a distraction or seeing my self-critical voice overcome me. So I found the discipline of going to classes perfect. I would go on my own, plug into a relaxing CD & draw. Often feeling stressed at the beginning of the session, the drawing would consume me & my feelings were softly relived.

It was this that made me determined to share it with as many people as possible – whether they are stress-pots or not! So I started a Sunday class at my parents house in Notting Hill. I enticed my friends with the promise of homemade cakes, paracetamol (if they were nursing Saturday hangovers) & lots of tea. Oh, and a beautiful model, of course!

We shared food & drinks & a wonderful community began.

This living room class ran religiously & was attended by countless friends & their friends .. until they started to ask me to run classes in their own living rooms. Thus, Bella’s Bits & Bobs began.

Of course, personal therapy certainly isn’t the main reason for life drawing! Indeed, it is quite frankly the best way to learn to draw from observation. 

” Every time a model makes a move, there’s something to learn & work on. Shadows & skin texture, the way the limbs move, extend. Every pose or position, reveals a whole new composition, and another focus for a drawing. A great range of movement is possible, right in front of you, which combined with the anatomical & structural complexity of the body, make particular demands on us when we draw .. ”

Extract from Why all artists should have naked ambition

So please, rare up your naked ambition and join me!

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