Bella’s Bits & Bobs Video Diary

There are many things in life that I love, but I am going to simplify my favourites for the sake of a new venture :

Bella’s Bits & Bobs video diary.

Or, as one might call it in this modern day, my Vlog (there’s something about a ‘v’ & ‘l’ written consecutively that doesn’t sit well with me, but if the internet says it’s a word, what can we do?)

So here’s my love list :

Naked people & drawing : life drawing

Exploring + adventure

People + people’s living spaces

Colour + inspiration

‘Organised fun’ (I am a Virgo, to be fair)

Teaching + sharing what I know with anyone who will listen!

And thus the outcome : I bring life drawing classes to people’s living rooms & am making videos as I go.

It’s set to be a very exciting journey (for me, the guests & of course my MEGA FAN vlog watchers. Eg. my mum)

To give you an idea of where the journey will go, these are a few of my favourite living room life drawing hotspots : a rocky houseboat in the Towerbridge Moorings, a leafy warehouse in Hackney Wick, a cosy spot by the fire in Peckham Rye, an old billiards room in South Kensington .. and many more!

Follow my journey, and if you like it – perhaps one day I can come to your living room?

Now that would add something else to my love list. No doubt.


Bella’s Bits & Bobs Trailer

I am very excited to have officially launched :

Bella’s Bits & Bobs: Pop-up living room life drawing

I have been running these ‘fun, relaxed & sociable evenings’ (to quote myself..) for 3 years now and so I decided it was about time to let the very secret nature of them out the bag. To ‘spread my bits & bobs’, so to speak..

Welcome to what is sure to be an exciting, colourful & surprising ride – brought to the online world through video blogs & unusual musing from me and my many bits & bobs.

Become my friend : @bella_franks

Follow my classes : #bellasbitsandbobs

Check out my art : #bellafranksart

BBB over and out.