Drawing Circus – Wes Anderson



Oh blogging, how I’ve missed speaking to such a captivated (yet non-responsive & silent) audience about the tales of my life! Speaking without interruption? What could possibly be better.

I wrote a blog for about 2 years called Bella’s Bits & Bobs – taking the virtual world through an usual adventure of life according to me.

So much art, so much colour!

For the last few years I havebeen determined to launch a website. It became fixed in my mind that in order to become a ‘legitimate & credible’ person, I needed to gain an online presence in which I could talk about my self in the third person & sound official. However, due to my severe lack of IT skills & the fact that I spend all my free time drawing naked people, it has only just managed to launch. To the utter delight of theinternet, I am sure.

So let’s start with a little story about an event I was involved with in Brighton called The Drawing Circus (as my blog progresses you will discover that half my life takes place in Brighton – I flit back & forth like there’s no tomorrow. I just want to see the sea!). The Drawing Circus is run by a super cool troupe of artists, musicians, models, tutors and performers & seeks to promote a sense of wonder at the visual world through innovative drawing classes. My amazing artist chum Mary made this months event Wes Anderson themed & created four sets inspired by his films. From an axe stuck in a tree trunk in the Royal Tenambaums set, to draped Indian material & charms in the Darjeeling Limited set – attention to detail was brilliant.


And this my friends, is where I come in – amongst a gruesome pile of twigs & feathers from a chicken massacre, I twisted & turned as Fantastic Mr Fox in terrifying poses for artists to draw. My head was amazing crafted by Mary from furry material & a solid internal structure that allowed it to be places securely on my head with my own eyes just glaring out. If I were a chicken I certainly wouldn’t want to come across me in the dark of night..


The Drawing Circus takes place in Brighton at Tom’s Bar in the Old Market. The evening runs from 7-11pm and only costs £5 entry.

I am excited to be running next months event on Monday 20th April which will be Matisse themed. Expect my colour, cut-outs and creative fun!